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We’ve added a table on our WHS website page which sets out all members Handicap Index, Course Handicap and Playing Handicap.  The table is accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page and is called “All Members Playing Handicap Table”. 
Here’s a summary of some of the terms to help you work out your Playing Handicap in various Winter Competitions..
SLOPE RATING: represents the difficulty of a course. The slope rating used for the Winter Men’s tees is 117, and for the Winter Women’s tees is 127.
HANDICAP INDEX: is a number that represents a player’s ability and can be taken and played with on any golf course around the world. It is calculated from the best eight rounds from a player’s last 20 scores.  Players can see their current Handicap Index on the HowDidIDo app, or the new England Golf app. 
COURSE HANDICAP: is the number of strokes a player will receive for a specific set of tees on the golf course being played. It is calculated by multiplying your Handicap Index by the Slope Rating and then dividing by 113, then rounding to the nearest whole number. Alternatively, you can refer to the attached Course Handicap tables. 
PLAYING HANDICAP: represents the total number of strokes each player will receive in the competition.  For a Singles Stableford competition (eg Winter Sweep), the allowance is 95% of Course Handicap, and for a Betterball bogey competition (eg Olivers), the Allowance of 90% of Course Handicap for each player.
A male player previously had a Handicap of 21.2 under the old system.
Their new WHS HANDICAP INDEX has been calculated as being 22.9, which when playing off the Mens Orange Winter Course at the City converts to a COURSE HANDICAP of 24. (22.9 x 117/113 = 23.7, rounded to 24)
In a singles stableford, their PLAYING HANDICAP is 95% of the COURSE HANDICAP.  So, their COURSE HANDICAP of 24 becomes a PLAYING HANDICAP of 24 (24 x 0.95 = 22.8, rounded to 23).
A female player previously had a Handicap of 21.2 under the old system.
They play in a Singles Stableford from the Womens Winter Orange tees at the City, which has a SLOPE RATING of 127.
Their new WHS HANDICAP INDEX has been calculated as being 22.9, which when playing off the Red tees at the City converts to a COURSE HANDICAP of 26 (22.9 x 127/113 = 25.7, rounded to 26)

In a singles stableford, their PLAYING HANDICAP is 95% of the COURSE HANDICAP.  So, their  COURSE HANDICAP of 26 becomes a PLAYING HANDICAP of 25 (26 x 0.95 = 24.7 , rounded to 25).


  • Winter Course Rating tables to help you work out your Course Handicap.  These are also available in the Pro Shop, in the Locker Room, and by the first tee.
  • Handicap Allowance Table: which shows the handicap allowance used for various types of rounds
  • Course handicap Allowance table: which works out your Playing Handicap for the competitions we play in winter.
If you have any questions regarding your handicap contact the Competitions and Handicapping team at
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Winter Competitions Update


The Weekday and Weekend winter sweeps are now underway and open to men and women. Entry fee is £2 with an optional twos and back 9 sweep.
The Prize money each week is split: 80% to the weekly winners, with 10% going to a pot for those finishing with the best end of season overall eclectic, and 10% going to a pot for those finishing with the most Order of Merit points.
Order of Merit Points are awarded to the top 20 positions in each weekly sweep.
A player’s eclectic score takes your best score on each hole with a handicap allowance of one half of your new World Handicap System handicap (once they are available).
We plan to distribute the end of season Order of Merit and Eclectic prizes as follows: 1st (40% of the pot), 2nd (30%), 3rd (20%) and 4th (10%).
Full results and prizes, including up to date Order of Merit and Eclectic league tables for all players, are available on the website at:

In response to feedback from some members who would like the opportunity to play more than one competitive weekday round we are re-introducing the 60 and Over sweep for winter.
It will be open to men and women, and will take place each Thursday, starting on 29th October.
Entry will be via the HowDoIDo app with the usual fallback options to enter in the Pro Shop or by emailing the competition team at before teeing off.
The entry fee will be £1.
Note that there will be two competitions for those aged 60 and over on Thursday’s and it’s your choice which one to enter before you tee off.

Just in case anyone has missed the notice, Preferred Lies came into operation from Monday 5th October. Players can prefer their lies on the fairway, the semi rough and bunkers, by replacing the ball within 6 inches of the original position, no nearer the hole. Players can optionally use a mat on the fairway or semi-rough. Players CANNOT prefer lies in the plantation areas or thick rough. The full definition is available on the club website news items and in the locker rooms.

Unfortunately, Club V1 / HowDidIDo have not made team competitions available using the HowDidIDo app. Once they are available we will introduce a full range of winter team competitions. The next Olivers competitions will take place on the weekend 7th / 8th November.

Please contact the competition team at

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Christmas at the City!

Bookings are now being taken for Christmas in our bistro.

For more information and to view the menu, please click here 


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Bereavement Notice

It is with much regret that we have to inform you that Joan Mitchell has passed away. Joan was a much valued member of our club. She played golf with us when she was well into her nineties, and came along to support the ladies section, when she could not play herself. She was an inspirational lady, who will be sorely missed.

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Winter Competitions Update

We’ve introduced new winter sweeps as a simpler alternative to the FedEx competition, with a clearer prize structure which players can dip in and out of and play at any time they wish.  We are also confident that we can continue with this format through Covid restrictions, with straight forward score entry using the HowDidIDo app.


WEEKDAY WINTER SWEEPS, open to men and women, will take place Monday to Friday during the winter period, starting Monday 5th October. The format is singles stableford, from yellow and red tees. Players are limited to one competition entry each week (Monday to Friday).  Entry fee is £2 per round, and there are optional 2s and back 9 sweeps.

Sign in and score entry will use the HowDidIDo app, just as we have during summer.  Players must sign in using the app on the day they are playing, prior to teeing off, and return their score using the app shortly after finishing their round.  Players can not sign in on one day, and then play on another day.  As in summer, fallback arrangements will be available should players have a problem signing in before they have played or returning their score after their round: either at Pro’s Shop or email

WEEKEND WINTER SWEEPS will take place each weekend (apart from the first weekend of each month when the Olivers is played). The format and arrangements will be the same as the Weekday Winter Sweep, with players limited to one competition round over the weekend.


RESULTS / PRIZES: Prizes will be awarded to the leading players of both the Weekday and Weekend Sweeps for each week, and there will be additional prizes for overall winter Weekday and Weekend Order of Merit and Eclectic leaders.  Live scoreboards will not be available for these multi day competitions, and we will endeavour to publish the weekday results on a Friday evening and the weekend results on a Sunday evening.  We will publish all results, including regular updates on the overall Order of Merit and Eclectic leaderboards on the competition results website:


COURSE CONDITIONS: It is probable that course conditions will change during the period at short notice.  For example, winter tees or greens may be introduced or withdrawn at short notice to reflect changing weather conditions.  But this will not impact the running of the competitions – the winner will be the highest points total regardless of the course set up.


WINTER HANDICAPPING: The winter handicapping arrangements will be much simpler, due the introduction of the World handicapping System which no longer support winter handicaps.

As we have now introduced preferred lies on the fairway, semi-rough and bunkers, all competitions will now not count for handicapping purposes, and there will be no automatic handicap reductions or increases while preferred lies are in operation across the fairways, semi-rough and bunkers.


WORLD HANDICAPPING SYSTEM:  A reminder that the World Handicapping System commences on Monday, November 2nd.  We have provided a link to the further details on the change at

We will provide further updates as we approach November 2nd.   We expect to play some WHS singles qualifier competitions in March, once the course conditions start to improve, and preferred lies are removed..


TEAMS COMPETITIONS: Once the Club V1/HowDidIDo apps support pairs and teams competitions we aim to  reintroduce a series of winter pairs and teams competitions to supplement the Winter Sweeps.


OLIVERS: Although the weather was very poor over the weekend, the course held up well, and the Olivers was completed with 54 pairs playing.  Congratulations to Vic and Andy Elliott who won with a score of 11 up, and qualify for the final on 28th March.


Phil Tennant
Competitions Team

Created: 06-Oct-20 13:18
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