This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 31st July

Following on from a busy weekend, today was primarily a cuttting day. Greens, aprons and tees were all cut with the cutting of the semi-rough beginning midday. Fairways were reverse cut, clockwise as oppose to anti-clockwise. By cutting against the grain, it helps to eradicate any 'bent grass' and also to prevent any nap from forming. Later in the day as the dew lifted, selected fairways were cut again, this time anti clockwise as normal, in order to remove any clumps of grass and also to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look.

The holes were changed first thing this morning to less challenging pin positions from where they were for the club championship. Tee boxes were repaired, with markers moved. The copses between the 13th and 15th fairway was also strimmed.

Tuesday 1st August

After the greens were cut, they were double sarel rolled. This is part of our aeration program for this season; as a well aerated soil promotes strong, healthy growth. A sarel roller, used on a regular basis, breaks up any crust that tends to form in the soil surface and allows air, nutrient and especially water to penetrate down to the roots.

After the sarel rolling, a light top dressing was applied which was then double matted in with a drag mat. Holes were then nipped up. This whole process was complete by 10am.  

The semi-rough cutting continued. Surrrounds were also cut as was around the green side bunkers to a height of 2 inches. Bunkers were raked.

Wednesday 2nd August

The greens were ironed this morning and thereafter any top dressing that had become dislodged was redistributed back in to sward. Holes were again nipped up this morning, or changed as necessary.

Tees and aprons were all cut, and semi-rough cutting continued. Bunker surrounds were also tidied, either being strimmed or flymo'd. Machine maintenance was also necessary today.  

Thursday 3rd August

After the greens were cut, two sprays were applied to them; first a wetter to aid with absorption, and secondly a soil conditioner to help rid the greens of leather jackets. Holes were also changed. Fairways, surrounds and semi-rough were all cut. Bunkers were raked and fairway divoting continued.

Friday 4th August

As normal, Friday consisted of setting the course up for the weekend. This includes raking bunkers, repairing tee boxes on top of the usual cutting jobs; greens, aprons, tees and the completing of the semi-rough.  

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