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News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 10th July

Today was predominately a cutting day, with greens, tees, aprons, surrounds, fairways and semi-rough all cut. Additionally, tees were repaired with tee markers moved to fresh areas. Also, the process of flymoing and strumming the bunkers began.

Tuesday 11th July

In preparation for the Ladies Presidents day, the greens were cut then rolled, whilst simultaneously the holes were changed and the bunkers raked. Now that the fertiliser is fully active, all of the greens had to be double cut this morning and then cleared of any remaining cuttings before being ironed. This slowed down this mornings work, meaning the cutting of the greens wasnt complete until after 12pm. 

As a team match against Whitley Bay is commencing at 4:30, greens were cut for a third time in the early afternoon. This is to help speed up the playing surface, giving a truer roll.

All bunkers have now been strimmed inside, flymo'd around, and had weeds removed.  

Wednesday 12th July

The greens were once again double cut today to keep on top of the growth and the hole was trimmed up where necessary in readiness for the Pro Sweep. Tees were also double cut, as were surrounds, fairway surrounds and semi-rough. The process of strimming around single treee and cutting in copses also began.

Thursday 13th July

After the greens were cut this morning, they were over seeded in places and the holes were changed. The fairways were cut, and then some were cut again later in the day in order to achieve a better cut once the dew had lifted. Maintenance was carried out on all of the tee boxes, which includes; cleaning the tee markers, strumming around the signs and washing them down, trimming around the measuring discs and removing any long grasses. Additionally today, semi rough was cut, copses continued to be cut and single trees were strimmed around.

Friday 14th July

Immediately following the cutting of the greens, they were ironed to improve playability. Simultaneousl, the bunkers were raked. Tees were cut, repaired and markers moved in readiness for the weekends competiton. The cutting of the copses was completed. Surrounds were cut, and selected fairways were re-cut. Also the hedge in front of the 2nd medal tee and on the left side of the 11th fairway was trimmed. 

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