This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 26th June

Todays focus was mainly cutting; with greens, tees, fairways, surrounds and semi-rough all being cut. Tees were repaired and markers moved to new areas. Bunker edges and surrounding areas also started to be strimmed and flymo'd.  

Tuesday 27th June

An early start by the greenkeepers this morning was necessary in order to set the course up for lady captains day. Greens were cut, holes were moved- some to preselected areas, and the bunkers were raked.

Additionally today, all bib aprons were tinned, as well as the first medal tee, what were the 7th and 8th winter greens and also the 14th winter green. This was followed up with an application of a slow release granular fertiliser, the purpose of this being two-fold, firstly to give an instant boost to the growth and to green the turf, and secondly to encourage better and stronger rooting.   

Wednesday 28th June

Greens were all double cut this morning in order to improve playability for the Pro Sweep. Tees were cut, as was semi-rough and the bunkers were raked to remove footprints and debris. General maintenance was carried out on the tee boxes, with signs/ posts being strimmed around and cleaned, and measuring disks trimmed and cleaned. The bunker surrounds have now all been cut and strimmed where necessary. Also, a selective weed killer was applied to certain areas of the course.

Thursday 29th June

Heavy rainfall over night continuing throughout the day resulted in the course being closed from 6am, with the majority of greens flooded, most of the bunkers under water and several fairways and walk off areas with large amounts of surface water on. The greens were unable to be cut. Attempts were made throughout the morning to help with water drainage where possible. Tees were able to be divoted. The time that would have been spent on the course was used for machine maintenance.

Friday 30th June

A course inspection was carried out first thing this morning which extended the course closure; fairways and walk off areas continued to hold large amounts of standing water. The greens had drained fairly well, meaning they could be cut. Greens were double cut to make up for missing a cut yesterday. Bunkers were raked, however, at this moment in time, around thirty remain blue flagged. Tees and fairways were also cut and the holes were changed on all 18 greens plus the 6 on the putting green. Most of todays work was in preparation for Invitation Day on Saturday.

Saturday 1st July

The first of three shotgun starts for Gents Invitation Day was arranged for 7am, meaning the greenkeepers day began at 4am in order to set the course up. Three members of staff cut the greens, rolled them, and raked the bunkers. Although several bunkers were put back in to play, many still remain blue flagged. 

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