This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 3rd July

To compliment the intensive work being carried out on the greens, they were all tinned prior to the contractors starting. This was done from 5am to keep well ahead of the sand graden injection process. Greens were also cut prior to the work beginning.

In order to take full advantage of the course closure, the greenkeepers worked an extended day. This allowed extra time to be spent on cutting jobs in particular, cutting at lower speeds to achieve a better result and double cutting where possible. Also, by delaying the cutting till after the dew had lifted, meant that few or no clumps of grass were left behind.

Following the sand injection, the greens were all brushed to help the sand and seed mix fall into the grooves and to smooth the playing surface. 

Tuesday 4th July

Prior to cutting the greens, any residual debris from Monday was removed, either by hand or with a blower. This was again repeated after the greens had been cut to improve playability. Holes were also changed, with cups cleaned where necessary.

All 19 mounds of thatch and organic matter from yesterday that were left behind the greens were loaded on to a trailer and disposed of accordingly.

Although the course was initially reopened this morning, due to heavy persistent rain it was closed shortly thereafter.

Wednesday 5th July

Prolonged rain on Tuesday and throughout the night left the course water logged in parts and the greens saturated, thus the course closure remained in place. Efforts were made to rid the greens of any puddles where possible but they were still too wet to cut. Attempts were also made to cut some of the dryer tees. Approximately fifty bunkers were out of play.

Thursday 6th July

Allowing the course to drain yesterday meant the course could reopen first thing this morning. Greens were cut, followed by removing any residual debris left from the sand injection work. The greens were then rolled to improve ball roll and playability and then once again were checked for any debris. A fungicide was also applied to the greens this morning. The holes were changed in readiness for the league match in the evening.

Semi-rough and surrounds were also cut, and bunkers raked where possible, however, many bunkers remain blue flagged.

Friday 7th July

This morning, as usual, greens were cut first thing and, once again, any residual debris removed by hand. Following this, a fertiliser was applied; with the purpose of making the turf greener, denser and more resilient. These results are evident almost instantly and will continue to take effect over the weekend as the warmer weather continues.

The bunkers were raked again this morning, although around 25 remain blue flagged this will hopefully decrease rapidly over Friday and Saturday as weather conditions stay dry. Fairways were cut, as were tees and tee banks. The 13th bank running down to the burn was also cut.

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