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News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 19th June

After the greens were cut today they were sprayed with a 'wetter' to help imrove absorbtion. Tees were cut, with most being double cut, to give a tighter playing surface. Fairways, green surrounds and the intermediate surround also were cut.

Preparations were also made with regards to the men's open on Tuesday, with tees being repaired and markers moved to fresh areas.  

The burn was strimmed and dead grasses and debris raked out.

Tuesday 20th June

A 5:30 start by the greenkeepers this morning saw the greens being verti-cut, cut normally, followed by an application of a light sand top dressing which was then brushed in and watered. Holes were then changed and the greens were all back in full play in readiness for the gents senior open. Bunkers were also raked and semi-rough cutting continued. 

Wednesday 21st June

Despite our best efforts this morning to cut and iron the greens for the Pro Sweep, the heavy rainfall put a delay to things and ultimately closed the course. Continued attempts were made as the morning progressed to squeegee the greens and cut them. The course was reopened at 12:30 with the only restriction being buggies. Many bunkers are now currently blue flagged with the aim of having them reinstated by Friday where appropriate.

It was possible to cut the tees today, as well as continue with fairway divoting, strimming, tee box maintenance as well as maintaining sand level in the bunkers where possible. Additionally, what were the winter greens on the 7th and 8th have again been top dressed and seeded to help stimulate growth. These areas continue to be ground under repair.

Thursday 22nd June

After the greens were cut this morning they were sprayed with a selective treatment. This is in preparation for the sand injection work scheduled for July 3rd to help aid with a quick recovery of the playing surface. 

Fairways, surrounds, semi-rough and selected copse were also cut today. Bunkers were raked today, and where necessary rotivated and sand moved around. Most bunkers are back in play. 

Friday 23rd June

Following the greens being cut this morning, they were ironed and then the holes were changed. This morning also saw the introduction of new cups, pins and flags. Bunkers were once again raked, with only one bunker remaining blue flagged. Tees were all double cut and repaired later in the day with markers being moved. Copses continue to be cut.

Weekend, 24th & 25th June  

On Saturday, a none competition day, the greens were cut with the holes being nipped up where needed and the course was checked in case of any vandalism or theft. For the Pease Cup and Coronation Medal on Sunday, in addition to the greens being cut, holes changed and bunkers raked, as is normal for a club competition, the greens were also ironed. This is to help improve playability for a scratch competition, giving a truer roll and to speed the greens up. The extra work is only possible by having an additional member of staff in, three instead of two.

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