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This Week On The Course 

Monday 8th October 

The greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut. Greens and other areas were blown to remove leaves and other lying debris. Tees were divoted with markers moved to new positions. Beginning today the tree surgeon started work on the course; with the poplars on the 5th being the first to be removed. With contractors on site for major tree work and bunker design and construction, the green staff will dedicate as much time as possible to work along side in order to maximise the efficiency of the projects without neglecting the course. While work progresses, we are striving to minimise disruption to golfers; with holes only closed where necessary and for as short a period as reasonably practical. 

Tuesday 9th - Thursday 11th October

The greens were cut first thing each morning with the holes changed on Tuesday. The eight poplars surrounding the green on the 5th were removed and chipped, as well the poplar on the right of the 5th fairway near the bunker and the poplar on the right side of the 9th fairway. The remains were then chipped. The chippings are being stored in a clearance in one of the wooded areas for any potential use in the future. Work progressed to the five large poplars between the 2nd green and 17th fairway. These trees were felled in turn across the 17th fairway, they were then sectioned and chipped. Efforts have been made all week to keep areas of play throughout the course clear from leaves, however due to the strong winds, this has proved to be an ongoing battle. As part of the disease management programe, a preventative fungicide was applied to the greens. This spray helps to control several diseases including fusarium.

Friday 12th October

Greens, tees and aprons were cut, and holes were changed. Tee boxes were also divoted later in the day. Priority was given to clearing and chipping any tree that hadn't already been removed from areas of play. Large sections of trunk were mechanically lifted and moved to an area near the greenkeepers sheds awaiting egress from site. Early in the afternoon, all fairways and semi-rough that been cordoned off were fully cleared before the holes were reopened for the weekend.

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