This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

This Week On The Course 

Monday 24th September

Greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut. Tee boxes were divoted with markers moved to new positions. Leaves were blown from greens and surrounding areas and a leaf collector was used later in the day to remove leaves from fairways/ semi-rough and other areas in play.

Tuesday 25th September 

Greens were cut first thing and the holes were trimmed. The part of the burn crossing  the first and eighteenth holes was strimmed and then and raked out afterwards. 150 and 200 yard fairway markers were edged and cleaned, as were distance markers on the tees. The tee signs were also washed. The remaining trees that came down in last weeks storm were cut in to sections and removed from the course. As time permitted fairways were cleared of branches, leaves and debris.

Wednesday 26th September

The greens and tees were cut and the holes were changed. Bunkers were also raked. Greens were blown to remove leaves, and the leaf collector was used to clear fairways.

Thursday 27th September

After the greens were cut a slow release liquid fertiliser was applied. The product used also contains trace elements which will improve the hardiness of the plant and the root development. All of the bunkers were strimmed, flymo'd, weeded and raked, with all leaves and debris removed. 

Friday 28th September 

The greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut. Bunkers were raked with sand levels adjusted where necessary to maintain the consistency throughout the course. Later in the day, the tees were repaired and tee markers moved.

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