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This Week On The Course 

Monday 3rd September 

The greens, aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and semi-rough were all cut. The bunkers were raked and the tee boxes were repaired with markers moved to new positions. Additionally, the back of the second green which is prone to severe dry patch was sarel rolled and then over seeded. A granular fertiliser was then applied to the green in order to help stimulate growth and to input needed nutrients.

Tuesday 4th September 

After the greens were cut they were sprayed with a liquid wetter. This mixture improves water penetration and distribution, helps prevent dry patch and also encourages healthy root growth. The holes were then changed. Elsewhere on the course, the cutting of the semi-rough continued and the burn across the first and eighteenth holes was strimmed and then raked clear.

Wednesday 5th September

The greens were cut and then ironed afterwards to produce a true and fast surface. The aprons were cut and the bunkers were raked.

Thursday 6th September

The greens were tined in the morning to a penetrative depth of 75mm. This aeration allows for gas exchange and also improves rooting and the increase of desired grasses. A sand top dressing was applied to the greens after they were tined. The aeration helps the top dressing integrate in to the root-zone which helps to improve the soil structure. This was brushed in using a drag mat. Later in the day, all of the paths were edged and weeded with any debris removed.

Friday 7th September

In preparation for ladies invitation day, the greens were double cut, the holes were changed and the bunkers were raked. Elsewhere on the course; the aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and long semi-rough were all cut.

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