This Week On The Course

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This Week On The Course 

Tuesday 28th August

After a three day weekend, the priority of the day was cutting; with greens, aprons, surrounds, tees, tee banks, fairways, semi-rough and copse all cut. The bunkers were raked and the tee boxes were divoted later in the day. Holes were also changed in the morning.

Wednesday 29th August

In preparation for the August medal, the greens were cut and then ironed immediately afterwards in order to produce a smoother, faster playing surface. The aprons were cut and all of the bunkers were raked. 

Thursday 30th August 

A light top dressing was applied to the greens which was then matted in using a drag mat. This dressing will help stimulate new root and shoot growth, and also increase the water holding capacity of the soil; which is especially needed in the summer months. The greens were then cleared of any remaining debris. The bunkers were all strimmed, weeded, and raked; with sand being redistributed in to the middle of the trap.

Friday 31st August 

Greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut. Holes were changed in the morning, bunkers were all raked and the tees were repaired with markers moved to new locations.

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