This Week On The Course

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This Week On The Course 

Monday 13th August 

Greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut. Later in the day as the rain ceased, a granular fertiliser was applied to the bib aprons. This is to encourage a consistent growth and also improve the aesthetics of the turf. Tees were divoted with markers moved to new areas. Additionally, selected worn areas in front of and around the greens were repaired with soil and seed and marked as ground under repair. Fairways were divoted throughout the day.

Tuesday 14th August 

After the greens were cut, an application of fertiliser mixed with iron was sprayed on to the greens. This is to aid recovery from the sand injection last week. Holes were changed and bunkers were raked. The cutting of the semi-rough also began.

Wednesday 15th August 

The greens were double cut and then ironed afterwards to help improve the trueness of the putting surface. The bunkers were raked. Aprons and tees were also cut.

Thursday 16th August

The bunkers were all strimmed, flymo'd, weeded with any debris removed. They were raked, with sand taken off the face and edge and redistributed to the centre of the trap. Also today, paths and tee box steps were edged and tidied.

Friday 17th August

The greens were double cut in the morning. It's of note that prior to the sand injection work, the cut of the greens was lifted to 4mm from 3.5mm. We have now returned to a cut of 3.5mm, thus the speed of the greens should increase. Aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut today. Holes were changed, tee boxes were repaired, and bunkers were raked also.

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