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This Week On The Course 

Monday 6th August 

Prior to the major greens work, they were first tinned and then cut. The sand filler machine uses scarifying blades which can remove thatch to up to 40mm. On this occasion they were set to a penetrative depth of 25mm. Once the organic spoil has been collected the trench is immediately filled with sand and bent grass seed. The sand used is kiln dried; this maximises the likelihood of all the grooves being completely filled, will help with the breakdown of remaining thatch and will also allow water to percolate in to the lower layer of root zone. The greens are then cleared of any residual spoil and debris, firstly by hand and then with the use of a blower. A drag mat attachment is then used, helping to incorporate any remaining sand through the sward and restoring the playing surface. Today we completed the injection of fourteen greens. 

Tuesday 7th August 

The remaining four greens and putting green were injected with sand and seed with thatch removed. The process was completed by 11am with all eighteen holes in play. In total, 14 tonnes of sand has been injected in to the greens. Full restoration of the greens is approximated at seven to ten days (with weather that is conducive) so whilst the inconveniences are temporary the benefits will be long lasting.

Wednesday 8th August 

A top dressing was applied to the greens this morning for the purpose of topping up any grooves that hadn't been fully filled with sand filling machine. The dressing also helping to level the putting surface. Surrounds were cut and bunkers were raked.

Thursday 9th August 

The greens were ironed first thing in order to improve the roll of the greens. Any excess sand that had been lifted was cleared from the green and the hole was changed to a new location. Semi-rough and tee banks were cut and tees were divoted with markers moved to fresh areas.

Friday 9th August 

The greens were cut, as were the aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and semi-rough. Bunkers were raked also. Since the greens work was carried out we are endeavouring to ensure that they are correctly irrigated so as to not dry out as a result of the large quantity of sand that was added to them. 


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