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News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 12th June

As part of our rolling three week cycle of green works, this week will see much work carried out on the greens. Today all greens were tined. This process starts at 5am, in order to minimise disruption to golfers and to complete the task in one working day. The greens are immediately cut afterwards to help prevent any 'bobble' from occuring. 

Tees were all double cut as the grass continues to grow at a fast rate. Green surrounds and intermediate cut around the fairways were also cut. Bunkers were reinstated to play where appropriate, however several are still under water at this point. Despite heavy rain last week and most of Saturday, the greenkeepers managed to reduce the number out of play to just seven for captains day on Sunday.

Tuesday 13th June

Continuing our additional works to the greens, this morning saw the greens; verti-cut, standard cut, top dressed and brushed, followed by the holes being 'nipped' up and any debris removed from the playing surface. 

Bunkers are almost all back in play, with all 'flatenned' traps being raked and sand distributed evenly. Areas of semi rough, surrounds and  tee banks were all cut.

Fairway cutting also began later in the morning. From today, the fairways are being lowered from 14mm to 12mm. 

Wednesday 14th June

Today, greens were cut as normal followed by any residual debris from the top dressing yesterday being removed from the putting surface. Tees were cut, as were aprons and all fairways. Bunkers were raked and holes changed for the midweek competition.

Later in the day, semi rough cutting continued. Selected areas around the course were strimmed as well as path and walk way edges. Divot filling also began today.

Thursday 15th June

Thursday morning saw the greens cut first thing and where necessary greens being watered; not only to help combat dry areas but also as part of the latter stages of the top dressing process. The practise putting green, behind the 17th green, also had an application of lawn sand in order to help eradicate moss and improve rooting of the turf. This was also hand watered in. As team match is scheduled for tonight against Ponteland, all 18 greens were cut again starting at 12:15pm. This should have a big impact on playability; giving a truer and faster roll.

The inside edge of the bunkers were strimmed and then raked. Path strimming was completed, and the semi rough, green surrounds and fairway surrounds were also cut.

Additionally this week, due to vandalism and theft, each morning the course has had to be inspected more thoroughly than normal by the greenkeepers. This takes time, delays the start of work but is necessary.

Friday 16th June

Friday, being one of the busier days of a greenkeepers week, is a main day for tees being cut, as well as fairways, long rough and as normal greens. Also, tees have to be repaired and moved to new locations and bunkers raked in preperation for the weekends competition. 

Today, greens were continued to be hand watered where necesssary, and over-seeded where appropriate; especially on dry areas and on our new bib aprons.

The first medal tee was dressed, with a soil and seed mixture, to help stimulate growth and improve general appearance. Hedges on the 2nd medal and left side of the 11th were also pruned. Fairways have also continued to be divoted.


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