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This Week On The Course 

Monday 30th July

The greens were cut and then sprayed with a mix of preventative fungicide and iron. With the sand injection scheduled for next week much of this weeks work is to ensure the greens are of the highest possible standard prior to this intensive operation taking place. Aprons, surrounds, tees, tee banks, fairways and semi-rough were all cut today as well. Bunkers were raked and tees were repaired. Cracked areas that have appeared on the fairways and bib aprons have been filled with a soil and seed mixture and marked as ground under repair.

Tuesday 31st July

The greens were sarel rolled and then cut. The array of closely spaced tines provides a high volume of essential surface aeration which in turn allows fresh air and water to reach the roots, loosening the soil, allowing roots to grow more freely and vital soil biology to thrive. The greens were cut and then ironed to maintain the trueness of the putting surface. Aprons were cut, the cutting of the semi-rough was completed and bunkers were raked.

Wednesday 1st August

Greens were double cut and then ironed to create a fast, true roll. Tees and aprons were cut and bunkers raked.

Thursday 2nd August

The greens were verti-cut in the morning. This operation is designed to prevent thatch build up and also to control lateral growth, promoting an upright tight grass surface. The greens were then double cut, with any residual debris removed. The bunkers were all flymo'd, strimmed, weeded and raked; with sand removed from the face and front edge of the bunker and redistributed to the centre of the trap. The burn was also strimmed and then raked clear afterwards. In preparation for league match at home to Morpeth, the holes were changed and the aprons were cut.

Friday 3rd August 

A spray was applied to the greens after they had been cut. The purpose of this mixture is to produce a more compact dense sward, improving the playing surface. The aprons, surrounds, tees, and fairways were all cut. Bunkers were raked and tee boxes repaired with markers moved to new positions.


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