This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

This Week On The Course 

Monday 16th July 

Greens, aprons, surrounds, tees, tee banks, fairways and semi-rough were all cut today. Dry areas, particularly on the greens, were watered throughout the day. As we approach the summer holidays, the perimeter fence was inspected in its entirety to identify gaps and other access points. These were repaired accordingly in order to prevent any unwanted persons from gaining entry on to the course. This will continue to be monitored. 

Tuesday 17th July 

The greens were cut first thing and holes were changed to new positions. Bunkers were raked and tees were divoted with markers moved to fresh locations. Later in the day, the hedge in front of the second medal tee was reduced in height to improve vision to the green. The cutting of the semi-rough was completed and selected copses were cut by machine first and then tidied using a strimmer. 

Wednesday 18th July 

In preparation for the Turnbull Trophy, greens were cut and ironed afterwards producing a smoother, truer surface. The holes were trimmed and all of the bunkers were raked. Aprons were also cut. As time became available, machines were washed down and maintained.

Thursday 19th July

The greens were double cut; cutting twice removes more grass, leaving the sward with a truer, tighter cut. The holes were also changed in readiness for the league match against Ravensworth. All of the bunkers were strimmed, flymo'd, weeded and raked. As a result of some much needed rain earlier in the week, it has helped to 'fluff' the bunkers up. So on this occasion rather than add additional sand, sand was moved around; removing it from the face and front edge of the bunker and pushing it in to the middle of the trap. 

Friday 20th July

The greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut. After the greens were cut this morning an organic soil agent was sprayed on to the greens. This helps not only to condition the soil but also improves the visual appearance of the greens. Tees were repaired, bunkers raked, and some fairways were divoted too.

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