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This Week On The Course 

Monday 2nd July 

Greens were cut first thing, and holes were trimmed. Aprons, tees, fairways, and long semi-rough were cut also. Bunkers were raked and fairways were divoted. Throughout the day, notable dry areas on tees, fairways and greens were hand watered using a gun containing a wetting pellet. These pellets are used for intensive spot treatment on severe dry patch and areas that suffer from being water repellent. 

Tuesday 3rd July

The greens were verti-cut and then cut immediately afterwards. They were then watered, and the pin position moved to a new area. The need to verti-cut regularly is to improve the density of the turf and also to remove unwanted or weed grasses. Because of the continued hot weather, this verti-cut was not as severe as ones we have carried out in recent weeks. Additionally today, green and fairway surrounds were cut, tees were divoted, tee banks were cut, and the hedge to the back of the second green was cut back. 

Wednesday 4th July 

In preparation for the July Medal, greens were cut and rolled afterwards to improve play. Bunkers were all raked. Dry areas on the course were all watered too. 

Thursday 5th July

All of the bunkers were strimmed, weeded and raked; with sand moved in to the middle of the trap where required. Later in the day, tees were divoted, and dry areas on the course were once again watered. Cracks that have formed on the fairways and green approaches were marked gur. We will continue to monitor these areas and repair at an appropriate time and also white line any additional cracks that appear.

Friday 6th July

Greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were cut. The majority of bunkers were topped up with sand today: approximately 3.5 tonnes was added. They were all raked to help the new sand integrate with the existing sand. Dry greens, tees and other areas were hand watered as the day progressed using a wetter.

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