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This Week On The Course

Monday 25th June

Greens, aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and semi-rough were all cut from first thing in the morning. Tee boxes were repaired with tee markers moved to new areas. Greens were hand watered throughout the day using a gun attachment containing a wetter tablet to aid with absorption and an even water spread.  The leak that was affecting the irrigation system on the circuit servicing the 8th, 12th and 15th greens has been isolated, repaired and has since been reinstated to the network. The irrigation system is now fully operational. Some fairways were divoted today also.

Tuesday 26th June

In order to set the course up for Lady's Captains Day, the greens were double cut and then ironed. Holes were also changed. Semi-rough cutting continued. Watering of extreme dry areas on the course continued through the day, including but not exclusively; the 1st medal tee, the area to the right of the second green that was recently turfed, the 3rd medal tee, 4th medal and 4th ladies tee, the area surrounding the new bunker on the 6th, 11th tee, 13th tee, 15th winter tee, and other noticeable dry areas. The 8th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 17th greens also received extra water in attempts to bring them to the same standard as other greens and also to help eradicate dry patch and visible drain lines.

Wednesday 27th June

In preparation for the June Medal, greens were once again double cut and then ironed. Bunkers were raked and holes were trimmed. The cutting of the semi-rough continued and 150/ 100 yard distance markers were trimmed and cleaned.

Thursday 28th June

After the greens were cut, a wetter was applied to them. Due to the continued dry and hot weather it is imperative that any and all water put on to the greens, whether from rainfall or from the irrigation system, can easily penetrate the surface and find its way to the root zone or where it is needed. A wetter aids with the penetration, absorption and spread of the water. The bunkers were strimmed, flymo'd and raked. All of the bunkers were topped up with sand; approximately a tonne and half of sand was added to the bunkers on this occasion. The burn was also strimmed and raked clear. 

Friday 30th June

The greens, aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut today. Tees were repaired, bunkers raked and fairways divoted. Dry areas were also watered throughout the day.

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