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This Week On The Course 

Monday 11th June 

With an extended day for the green staff, the fairways, green surrounds and the intermediate cut around the fairways were all cut twice; the first one being a reverse cut. By repeatedly cutting in one direction, the grass develops a grain- tending to lean in the direction of cut. By cutting in the opposite direction every 4/5 cuts, it encourages a more upright growth, produces a more consistent cut and also improves playability. They were again cut in the afternoon, this time in the normal direction so that the definition of the course remained unchanged. The greens were also double cut. As the height of the greens has been lowered to 3.5mm, they have been double cut all week. Elsewhere on the course today; aprons, tees and semi-rough were cut, and the bunkers were raked as well. 

Tuesday 12th June

As it was the Northumberland and Durham Pro Open, the aim of the morning was to set the course up. Greens, and aprons were cut. The greens were ironed afterwards in order to increase the speed of the green and improve the trueness of roll. Holes were changed, with all greens being either on a yellow or white pin in order to lengthen the course slightly. The bunkers were raked too, with sand removed from the edge/ face and spread to the middle of the trap. Later in the day, summer and winter tees were divoted. 

Wednesday 13th June

Similarly to Tuesday, the main aim of the day was to set the course up for the Pro Sweep. Greens were cut and then ironed, holes were trimmed and bunkers were all raked. Additionally today, areas of dry patch on the greens were hand watered; using a gun attachment containing a wetting agent tablet. This is to aid absorption and water spread. 

Thursday 15th June

First thing, the greens were verti-cut and then double cut. By controlling the horizontal growth in the turf it makes for a more even putting surface. This process also helps to remove thatch from the turf canopy, which if left would reduce water and fertiliser movement to the root zone. The bunkers were all strimmed, flymo'd, weeded and raked. Tees were soil and seeded, some of the copse were cut and strimmed, and the surrounds were cut.

Friday 16th June

Prior to any cutting, the after-effects of storm Hector had to be cleared. The majority of greens, tees and bunkers had to have branches, twigs and leaves removed. As many landing zones and green surrounding areas as possible were cleared as time became available later in the day. After the greens were cut a wetter was applied to the greens. The aprons, tees, tee banks, fairways were all cut today. Sand was added to bunkers were needed too.

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