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This Week On The Course 

Monday 18th June 

First thing in the morning, all of the greens were verti-drained. This process helps to de-compact the soil by inserting equally spaced holes in to the turf which allows air and water to filter through to the grass roots. On this occasion, the tines were set to a penetrating depth of 200mm. Straight afterwards, the greens were dressed with a sand top dressing which was then matted in. The process begins early in the morning to minimise any disruption to golfers. Aprons, surrounds, tees and fairways were all cut today also, and the bunkers were all raked. 

Tuesday 19th June 

In order to set the course up for the Gents Senior Open; the greens were all cut and then ironed, holes were changed and bunkers were all raked. The tees were divoted and markers moved to new areas. Tee banks were cut later in the day. 

Wednesday 20th June

After the greens were cut they were sprayed with an iron. This application contains two forms of iron to provide a rapid green up which is also combined with long term enhancement. The bunkers were all raked in readiness for the Wednesday competition. 

Thursday 21st June

After the greens were cut they were once again top dressed. The objective of this dressing was to fill any verti-drain holes that hadn't been fully filled from the initial dressing earlier in the week. The sand was then matted in using a drag mat. Additionally today, all of the bunkers were flymo'd, weeded, and raked- with sand being moved from the face and relocated to the middle of the trap were necessary. Holes were also changed in preparation for the home match against Whitley Bay.  

Friday 22nd June

Greens were cut and then hand watered. Aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and semi-rough were cut too. Bunkers were all raked, some fairways were divoted, and tees were repaired with tee markers moved.

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