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This Week On The Course


Monday 4th June

With a shotgun start commencing early in the day, a skeleton staff cut the greens, trimmed the holes and raked the bunkers. The remaining staff began their working day at 1pm; cutting aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and semi-rough. Also, tee boxes were divoted from the weekend, and heavily damaged areas on the practise area were repaired.


Tuesday 5th June

The greens were verti-cut and then cut. The goal of regular verti-cutting is to thin the turf canopy while maintaining a proper balance of leaf growth and turf density. Any remaining debris is then cleared from the playing surface. Aftereards, any dry patch on the greens were hand watered. Also in the morning the holes were changed. The cutting of the semi-rough continued. 


Wednesday 6th June

In order to improve play, the greens were double cut and then ironed. The bunkers were all raked. Fairways, tees and aprons were all cut too. 


Thursday 7th June

The greens were tined. This aeration process allows moisture to pass through the soil profile easier and allows the roots to grow more effectively. A light top dressing of sand was then applied which was then matted in. The top dressing is undertaken in conjunction with aeration/ scarification/ verti-cutting- to ensure that the fresh material is fully integrated in to the existing root-zone. Additionally today, holes were changed, bunkers were flymod and surrounds, fairways and semi-rough were all cut. 


Friday 8th June

After the greens were cut a spray consisting of a fungicide and a liquid iron was put on to the greens. This formula helps to eradicate disease, specifically fusarium at this time, and also enhances the turf colour whilst simultaneously correcting iron and micronutrient deficiencies in the turf. Also today, despite being at the beginning of summer, we sadly have to look forward to the winter, so aprons and winter greens were all tined. Aprons, tees and copse were also cut today. Bunkers were raked, trees were strimmed around, the hedge in front of the second medal tee was reduced in height slightly and some fairways were divoted.

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