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This Week On The Course

Tuesday 29th May

After a busy bank holiday weekend, the greens were double cut first thing followed by being ironed. The holes were then changed. Bunkers were also raked. Later in the day as the dew lifted, aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and semi-rough were cut. 

Wednesday 30th May

In preparation for the May Medal, the greens were once again double cut and ironed again in order to improve play and reduce bobble. The holes were then trimmed up. The fairways that hadn't been cut yesterday were cut this morning and the cutting of the semi rough continued.

Thursday 31st May 

The main objective of the day was bunker maintenance; strimming, flymo-ing, weeding, moving sand around and raking. Elsewhere on the course, the burn was strimmed and then raked out to remove and lying debris. Also today, a wetter was applied to the green. 

Several wetters have been applied to the greens in recent weeks, the reason being to encourage water to work its way to where it is needed. Water, either rainfall or from the irrigation system, penetrates the soil unevenly, runs off, or lies on the surface due to compaction. This causes defects in grass growth which results in poor grass coverage. The application of a wetter aids with penetration and absorption. 

Friday 1st June 

Greens were cut, as were aprons, surrounds, tees, fairways and semi-rough. Bunkers were raked again this morning. Tees were divoted and moved to new areas, also some fairways were divoted too. 

It is of note that the blades from the machine used to cut the greens were sent away to be re-ground. They were back in time for this mornings cut. This process, in addition to the mechanical benefits, improves the quality of cut, due to a better cleaner cutting action. This in turn gives a better after cut appearance. It is also increases the recovery rate of the turf as a result of the improved cut. 

Saturday 2nd June

In order to set the course up for Captains Day, the greens were cut and then ironed to help increase speed and help give a truer roll. Holes were changed and bunkers raked. 


The 8th, 12th and 15th greens, as well as the 9th, 12th and 16 tees continue to be hand watered daily as a suspected leak on the relevant underground circuit is still unresolved.

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