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This Week On The Course

Monday 21st May

In preparation for the ladies open, greens were cut, and then ironed to help produce a smoother, truer surface. Holes were trimmed and cleaned where appropriate; they were changed yesterday for the weekend competition. Elsewhere, tees and aprons were cut, bunkers were raked, tees were moved and areas repaired and the cutting of the semi-rough began.

Tuesday 22nd May

Today, efforts were split between greens maintenance and bunker work. The greens were once again verti-cut, to a deeper depth than when we carried out this process last week. The aim of this more intrusive cut is to remove any of the unwanted coarse grasses which in turn encourages growth in the finer grasses. The greens are then cleared of any residual debris and cut. The greens were re-cut later in the day to help improve play. Bunkers were raked and then checked to ensure they had the correct amount of sand in them, ones with too less were topped up accordingly. Interestingly, over a tonne and a half of sand was added to the bunkers this week. Every week the bunkers are topped up where necessary. Additionally today, surrounds, fairways and semi-rough were cut. 

Wednesday 23rd May

The priority today was to set the course up for the pro sweep. The greens were cut and ironed. Holes were changed and the bunkers were raked. 

Thursday 24th May

More greens maintenance took place today. In order to stay ahead of play, tinning of the greens commenced from 4am. This helps break up compaction, prevent drought resistance and also helps with gas exchange- producing stronger rooting. Immediately thereafter, the greens were cut and all heavily dressed with sand in order to help stimulate new root and shoot growth. The top dressing was then matted in with a drag mat. Also today, the bunkers were all flymo'd, weeded and raked. 

Friday 25th May

Greens, aprons, surrounds, fairways and tees were all cut today. Tee boxes were repaired, and tees moved to new positions. All of the bunkers were raked. A liquid spray was also applied to the greens today, to help with disease resistance. 


The same fault continues on one section of the underground network, meaning that the 8th, 12th and 15th greens are all without automatic irrigation. Hand watering continues throughout the day and will be sustained over the upcoming bank holiday weekend.

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