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News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 9th October

Following the cutting of the greens, a granular fertiliser was appplied to them in order to help stimulate growth and aid with recovery after the sand injection process last week. Tees were cut, as was some long rough. Leaf collection was carried out on selected areas of the course also. Elsewhere, tees were moved on to the winter tee boxes or winter mats where appropriate, leaving the summer boxes to recover over winter. Some ropes and mats were also put out to help protect areas that get particularly worn over the winter period.

Tuesday 10th October

Dew was removed from greens, and standing water was removed from them after heavy rainfall during the night. Leaves were blown from putting surfaces also, after which pins were moved to new positions. Green surrounds and fairway surrounds were cut and cutting of the semi-rough continued. As part of the winter maintenance programme- tinning of the summer tees began in order to assist with their recover whilst the weather is still favourable. 

Wednesday 11th October

Greens and winter greens were cut first thing in the morning, with semi-rough being cut throughout the day. Tinnning of the summer tees also continued. The long rough left to grow on the mound behind the 13th left bunkers was also cut down, with longer bunker collars strimmed to a slightly lower height.

Thursday 12th October

Todays principal task was the top dressing of the summer tees, which was then brushed in. Maintenace on the tee boxes will continue throughout the winter months in order for them to be ready for the seasons beginning. Elsewhere on the course; posts, ropes and mats were put out throughout the course to aid with traffic management before the weather turns for the worse. Also, as the leaves are falling in abundance, leaf collection takes places whenever possible with bad areas prioritised. 

Friday 13th October

Greens, tees, fairways and surrounds were all cut. With the blustery weather dying down, efforts were made to collect or blow leaves from areas in play- with emphasis placed on greens, tees and landing areas. In readiness for the weekend, holes were also changed, with pins and flags being changed with the older ones for use over the winter.

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