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News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 2nd October

With a heavy schedule of works planned this week, today primarily became a cutting day with greens, aprons, tees, fairways, surrounds and semi-rough all being cut. Due to the strong winds, efforts were made to keep greens and teeing areas clear from leaves and other debris, however this was impractical in places. Branches from trees around the course did break off in the wind, with a substantial section of tree falling on to the second green, resulting in the hole being closed. 


Tuesday 3rd October

Greens were cut as normal and holes were changed. Tee boxes were divoted, and the tee markers moved with the white competition markers being taken in for winter. Semi-rough continued to be cut, as did fairway and green surrounds. As the strong winds lessened, fallen branches could be cut up and removed from playing areas, with the clearance of the second green requiring the most effort. 


Wednesday 4th October

Today was the first day of the sand graden injection work, the third time this season. Prior to this, the nine greens being worked on today were tinned. The graden machine removed thatch and injection a sand and seed mix, whilst simultaneously the green was cleared of all spoil. Following this the green was cleared with blowers, matted in using a drag mat and then reinstated in to play. Elsewhere on the course, tees were cut.

Thursday 5th October

The second half of the greens were to be sand injected today, in addition to the putting green and practise green. With much appreciation to the diligent volunteers over the two days; one crew were able to assist with the sand graden process, whilst a second could clear the greens and bring them back in to play.

Friday 6th October

After a hectic two days, today say the last few greens cleared and reinstated back to play. The course also saw some much needed cutting with everything being cut were practical. Additionally, bunkers were raked and also winter holes were put in and winter greens cut out.  

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