This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Tuesday 29th August

After an extended weekend break, today's priority was cutting; with greens, aprons, tees, green surrounds, fairway surrounds and semi-rough all being cut. Holes were changed first thing and tee boxes were repaired and moved.

Wednesday 30th August

In preparation for the Medal competition, greens were double cut and then ironed. Semi-rough continued to be cut as did some of the longer fairways and tees. The majority of bunkers were all flymo'd around the edge. As time became available, some of the fairways were divoted.

Thursday 31st August

After the greens were cut, a 'green up' spray containing a seaweed mix was applied; this among other benefits, acts a soil conditioner, encourages strong rooting and aids survival from stress caused by heavy usage.

Holes were changed, the rest of the bunkers were flymo'd and raked, and green and fairway surrounds were cut also.

Friday 1st September

The greens were cut first thing and then ironed afterwards. Green aprons, tees and fairways were all cut with longer areas of rough being cut for a second time in the week. Tees were repaired and markers set up for the weekends competition. Bunkers were also raked.

Bunker Work

Beginning on Tuesday, all of the bunkers will receive some much needed attention, primarily being topped up with sand to help with bunker play. The process involves removing all sand from the face and front edge of the bunker and dispersing it in to the middle of the bunker and then adding new sand till it reaches a satisfactory depth and then raking level. Time has been taken to observe how the ball rolls and lands in to each bunker to ensure that it will find the playing surface of the bunker and not simply stay on the face or close to the edge. Hopefully all greenside bunkers will be complete by Friday of this week. 

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