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News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 14th August

Prior to the greens being cut they were brushed in order to help the grass sward stand upright to help achieve a better cut. The greens were then double cut and holes were nipped up. Tees, fairways, aprons and semi-rough were also cut. Tee boxes were repaired and markers then moved. The burn was also strimmed and then raked out and flushed.

Tuesday 15th August

Greens were cut first thing as normal and holes were all changed. Green/ fairway surrounds were cut and the cutting of the semi-rough continued. All of the bib aprons, some tees and other selected areas were tinned throughout the day. Later on in the day, some of the copses were cut, as were some of the longer tees. 

Wednesday 16th August

Today, greens were cut and then ironed in order to speed up and improve the playability of the playing surface for the monthly medal. Aprons, tees and fairways were cut. Semi-rough cutting continued and all of the copse were completed.

It was noted today that, due to the heavy morning dew, the fairways were left covered in grass cuttings more than what is normal; this is being monitored and will be reviewed at the greenkeepers meeting at the end of the week. Where appropriate, selected fairways were given an extra 'clean up' cut later in the day in order to try to disperse grass clippings.

Thursday 17th August

Following the cutting of the greens, holes were changed. Green surrounds and the first cut around the fairways were cut also. The remaining semi-rough was completed with selected longer areas around the course recieving a second cut for the week in preperation for the weekend. Bunkers were strimmed, around the outside and the inside edge, then cleared of debris and weeds and finally raked. Tees were also divoted and the markers moved.

Friday 18th August

Greens were cut first thing this morning, as were tees, aprons and fairways. Bunkers were raked and holes trimmed up. 150 yard markers were all strimmed and cleaned. As time became available, longer semi-rough was cut again in preparation for the weekend.   


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