This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 24th July

As we anticipate the club championship at the weekend, much of this weeks work will be to prepare the course for this event. As usual the greens were cut, as were the tees, aprons and some of the semi-rough. Tee boxes were also divoted. Work on the bunkers also began, with the inside edge strimmed, weeds and debris removed, sand moved around and then raked.

Tuesday 25th July

Immediately following the cutting of the greens, a liquid oxygen formula was applied to the greens; this works to complement any aeration practises carried out but also helps benefit the soil.

Green surrounds, the first cut around the fairway and more semi-rough were cut. The work on the bunkers continued.

Wednesday 26th July

Greens were double cut first thing and a preventative fungicide was then applied to certain greens that showed early signs of disease. Bunkers were raked for the monthly medal. Tees were cut and also tidied to make them more presentable.

As the weather deteriorated throughout the morning, this freed up time for machine maintenance and cleaning. This also afforded us the opportunity to apply a granular fertiliser to worn areas, walk off areas and other selected places; using the rain to wash it in.

As the wet weather ceased, greens were checked, with any lying water being pushed off, and bunkers were checked also to see if any needed to be blue flagged.

Thursday 27th July

Greens, aprons, walk off areas and selected tees were sarel-rolled this morning to aid with aeration. The greens were then cut with holes being changed later in the day for the team match against Whitley Bay. 

As a trial today, the first tee was blocked off from 12-1pm, to create a gap on the course with zero golfers. This allowed the greenkeepers to come to the first hole at 12:30 and be able to cut interrupted, following the course hole by hole. This meant that fairways, aprons could be cut in the dry, semi-rough could be cut for a second time this week and greens could be cut again to help improve play for the team match.

Friday 28th July

Today was the last opportunity to set up the course for the club championship, with the exception of holes, bunkers and cutting/ rolling of the greens which will be done on Saturday morning. Fairways, tees, aprons and greens were all cut. Bunkers raked, and tee boxes soil and seeded. Additionally, tee banks were cut, necessary strimming carried out and tee markers put in place for the weekend.


This week has seen a rise in vandalism on the course; with tee markers, pins and signs damaged. The greens have also been affected. The course is being inspected every morning first thing, with any defects being rectified as soon as possible. The police are notified of any incidents. 


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