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News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Tuesday 30th May

After a busy bank holiday weekend, priority was given to cutting today; greens, tees, aprons, surrounds, intermediate cut, fairways and the semi rough. As a result of three days of mixed weather, most very favourable at encouraging growth in the grass, the greens and tees had to be double cut, with some tees even being triple cut again. The bib aprons continue to be cut in.  

Today the fairways were cut against the grain, a clockwise cut as oppose to anti-clockwise, in order to prevent any 'nap' from forming. This reverse cut is done once every 5 cuts.

In addition to the cutting jobs today, all 18 holes were changed for club competitions, bunkers were raked, tee markers were moved and damaged areas repaired.

Wednesday 31st May

Today the greens were verti-cut. This is part of our rolling three week program for the greens this season, which also includes regular tinning, top dressing and scarifying. Verti cutting uses a machine fitted with blades that reach vertically into the turf canopy and are set to a depth where they cut through lateral stems. The blades also dislodge a small amount of thatch but unlike scarifying they do not penetrate the soil or turf root zone. Verti cutting also helps to lift prostrate stems ready to be cut. The greens were double cut immediately afterwards and then ironed to improve playability. 

All bunkers were raked today with sand moved from the face to the middle where needed. The cutting of the semi rough was completed today and the process of strimming around 'single trees' and in the copses began today. 


Thursday 1st June

A light dressing was applied to the greens this morning which was brushed in using a drag mat. Prior to this, selected areas of greens needing extra attention were sarel rolled and followed by over seeding. The greens were cut first thing this morning as normal. Holes were changed today on all 18 greens as well the 6 holes on the practice putting green.

The burn was strimmed to remove any untidy long grasses and also to tidy up around the bridges. Definition has been maintained by keeping the grass leading into the burn longer, a change from years gone by. This is intended to be a visual feature but also helps to stop golfers balls from running easily in to the water hazard.

Also today, copses have all now been cut as well as fairway surrounds. The strimming around single trees was also completed.

Friday 2nd June

Friday was primarily a cutting day, with greens, tees, aprons, surrounds and fairways cut. Tees were divoted and markers moved ready for Saturday's competition. Bunkers were raked with sand moved around where necessary. The bank on the left side of the 13th hole was cut also.

Friday saw some much needed rain, this will benefit the greens and also bringing some moisture to the bunkers which will improve playability. 





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