This Week On The Course

News on the Fairways : This Week On The Course

Monday 5th June

An early start was required from the greenkeepers this morning in order for the course to be set up in time for the shotgun start at 9:30 am. Greens were cut, as were tees. Tees were also repaired with markers being moved to fresh areas. All bunkers were raked, and thanks to the damp conditions, the bunker sand had a 'fluffy' consistency which can only help improve play.

Tuesday 6th June

Another early start by the greenkeepers was necessary today in order to make up for lost time on Monday. Greens, fairways, green surrounds, fairway surrounds and semi-rough all being cut. Additionally, holes needed changing and bunker edges were flymo'd. Unfavourable weather has slowed the process down slightly and has also 'flattened' the playing surface in the bunkers. This will be addressed tomorrow before the Pro Sweep gets underway.

Wednesday 7th June

A course inspection was conducted first thing this morning by the greenkeepers as a result of heavy rain fall to determine whether or not the course would be open. The relentless rain over an extended period of time waterlogged several fairways and walk off areas and also nearly all of the bunkers were under water thus closing the course. A further inspection was carried out at 11am but conditions had not improved. Thursday morning a further inspection will be made.

Interestingly, because of the intensive work carried out over the last month or two, the greens were all well drained and virtually playable. 

After the rain fall ceased, semi rough was able to be cut, as were greens, aprons and tees. 

Thursday 8th June

It was decided this morning that the course would be reopened as water logging on the fairways had drained well. With a senior match scheduled for 12:30 and a league match set to tee off early evening, efforts were made to reinstate bunkers were possible, approximately 60 of our 76 bunkers were out of play after yesterday's heavy rainfall. This number was reduced to 36 by mid morning. However, with more heavy downpours today and more rain forecast, it may take time for this number to fall quickly.

Greens were cut as normal this morning. They are still draining relatively well given the weather with saturation and lying water only starting to occur by midday. The greenkeepers were able to squeegeey the greens and relocate holes were necessary. 

Additionally today, the cutting of the semi-rough was completed and the cutting of surrounds began.

Friday 9th June

Priority this morning was to restore as many bunkers as possible back in to play. 23 bunkers however remain 'blue flagged'. Looking ahead to the weekend, particularly with regards to preparations for Captains Day on Sunday, it was agreed to have an additional member of staff in to help address the bunker issues. (Three greenkeepers instead of two as is normal on a club competition day) This should mean that the bunkers out of play should be minimised. Also aprons will be cut.

Greens were cut, as were fairways and surrounds and all the tees were double cut. 



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