Pitch Marks

News on the Fairways : Pitch Marks

Let's take a look how to properly repair a pitch mark. 

Repairing those little depressions is very important. Equally important is doing it the right way. While unfortunately many golfers fail to repair ballmarks, there are also many well-meaning golfers who do repair the pitch marks, only to do so incorrectly.

A ball mark can cause the grass in the depression to die, leaving not just a scar but also a pit in the putting surface that can knock well-struck putts offline. Repairing a ball mark restores a smooth surface and helps keep the grass healthy. But "repairing" a ball mark incorrectly can actually cause more damage than good. The biggest mistake it lifting up on the soil and grass which tears the roots and kills more of the grass around the mark. Incorrectly "repaired" ball marks take up to twice as long to heal as those that are properly repaired.

So lets all start fixing our ball marks, and doing it the right way. And if you have a moment - while you are waiting for others in your group to putt - fix one or two other ball marks too.

Repairing pitch marks isn't just important for the health of the greens, and for smooth-rolling putts; it isn't just a matter of golf etiquette, it is our obligation to help take care of the golf courses we play. And repairing ball marks is a big part of that obligation to the game.

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