Local Rules Changes & Scorecards for the Coming Season

General Club Noticeboard : Local Rules Changes & Scorecards for the Coming Season

The course has been remeasured to comply with the new World Handicap System (WHS), and new scorecards with the new yardages, WHS terms (Course Rating, Slope Rating, Handicap Index, Course Handicap and Playing Handicap) and updated Local Rules will be available from the start of the season, and are attached for info.
The yardages on the tee boxes will be updated in due course.

Our Local Rules have been updated, the principal changes are:
• Penalty Area Posts are ‘immovable obstructions’, Please do not attempt to remove them.
• White boundary posts have been introduced along the ‘ditch’ on the 4th hole, a ball coming to rest beyond the posts is out of bounds.
• White boundary posts have been introduced behind the 18th hole in front of the clubhouse, they extend around the putting green which is now out of bounds.

• All areas marked GUR (Ground Under Repair) are to be GUR ‘PLAY PROHIBITED’ you MUST take relief in accordance with Rule 16.1b (one club length from nearest point of relief).
• Traffic management ropes and poles are immovable obstruction.

Members are reminded that white tees are only to be used for competition play only.


1. OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 18) 
A ball is Out of Bounds when all of it finishes:  
a) Over any fence around the perimeter of the course.  
b) Beyond white stakes around the perimeter of the course. 
c) In the green keeper’s compound adjacent to the second green.  
d) In or over the burn bordering the course. (except 13th hole see local rule 2.c) 

2. PENALTY AREAS (Rule 17) 
a) The cross burn at the first, and eighteenth holes, defined by yellow posts, is a Yellow Penalty Area. Bridges, bridge supports are part of the Penalty Area. 
b) The burn to the left of the first green / adjacent to and in front of the 2nd tee, defined by red posts, is a Red Penalty Area. 
c) The area to the left of the 13th hole defined by red posts is a Red Penalty Area. 

NOTE: The following local rule applies on 13th: Players MUST not attempt to retrieve the ball or play from beyond the burn- they must proceed under the penalty options available (Rule 17.1d Red Penalty Area). 
PENALTY FOR BREACH OF LOCAL RULE Stroke play – disqualification: Match play – General Penalty.  

Relief under Rule 16 may be taken from Animal holes, Ground Under Repair, Immovable Obstructions and Temporary water. Areas marked by small blue flags or white lines are Ground Under Repair. Bunkers marked with small blue flags are deemed to be GUR.
Distance identification discs and posts, artificial paths, and sprinkler heads, red and yellow penalty area marker posts are Immovable Obstructions.

4. PRACTICE (Rule 5) 
The following are Practice Areas:
(a) The practice putting green.  
(b) The practice fairway which is situated between the 14th green and 8th tee and which lies adjacent to the 17th fairway and straddles the 15th fairway and tee.  
(c) The practice area behind the 17th green.

5. YARDAGE MARKERS - The following distance markers are measured to the centre of the green – 100, 150, 200 yard discs and posts.

Consider all players and maintain a prompt pace of play.
Allow faster groups of any size to play through.
Adopt ‘ready golf’ philosophy.

7. WINTER PLAY – Local Rules will operate depending on weather conditions – notices will be displayed. 

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