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Captain V President results

The match was played on a wonderful late October day and contested very keenly. The result was an honourable draw 6 -6 and we all had a great night in the club.

Thanks to all who took part

Peter Smith


Created: 03-Nov-16 09:20

November Members Promotion

Starting on Monday 3rd October City Members will benefit from 'Double Discount' for the whole month from 6pm - Close. (Please note pre booked events and functions will be excluded from this promotion)

Benefits will include:

35% off drinks

Free Snooker (we would encourage you to pre-book, it will be limited to 2hour slots)

Free Pool

Created: 15-Oct-16 00:58

Annual Report & Accounts 2016

The annual reports and accounts booklet is now available in the members section of the website

Created: 11-Oct-16 19:06

Winter Club Competitions

Please note the following with regards to winter club comps:

  • This year with the addition of the club v1 system we can operate a winter handicap system until the end of March, the same handicap will apply to Winter Singles/Olivers/Winter Series events.
  • Prizes will be issued to top 3 players/teams and based on previous years payouts
  • Olivers/Winter Series/Team events - Handicap adjustments will follow Congu rationale with varying degrees of adjustments depending on your category.

            1st Place -    Cat 1   0.5     Cat 2    1.0     Cat 3   1.5    Cat 4   2.0 

            2nd Place -   Cat 1   0.3      Cat 2   0.6     Cat 3   0.9    Cat 4   1.2

            3rd Place -    Cat 1   0.2      Cat 2   0.4     Cat 3   0.6     Cat 4  0.8

  • Singles - standard congu adjustments as in the summer months
  • General Play adjustments will be at the discretion of the handicap committee
  • Order of Merit for Singles - Points awarded to top 20 players with 1st place prize
  • Eclectics Competition in place, 1st place prize
Created: 05-Oct-16 17:14

Update on Equity / Course Restrictions

Changes to Course Access Policy



The Equality Act 2010 provided updated guidance for private clubs in March 2013. This advisory gave guidance on policies which should be adopted to make access to golf clubs and other organisations fair and equitable to all groups.  These policies came into effect at City of Newcastle Golf Club in 2013.


At the 2013 AGM, members decided, by rote, to keep our playing restrictions as they were.  This was fine as long as no one challenged the policy. 


In June and July of 2016 a number of members questioned whether our policies were in breach of the discrimination act.  Specifically, whether it was discrimination against women members to allow men who were not playing in the competition to play in the reserved times, but not allow women the same access.  The club was obliged to take action to consider these challenges.


Sub committee

A sub committee was formed from the main committee members, consisting of Pam Oliver, Jan Robinson, Zena Wallace, John Franklin, Anthony Stevenson and Michael Walker. They were tasked with looking into the issue and coming up with a proposal that satisfied the requirements of the equality act.

The sub committee, having taken advice from England Golf, concluded that the clubs existing policy was indeed in breach of the act.



The sub committee, taking extensive advice from England golf, concluded there were 3 options

1- Do nothing and risk legal action

2- Remove all playing restrictions so that any member could play at any time.

3- Introduce restrictions which were not based on a protected characteristic. ie sex, disability etc.  

A full list of protected characteristics can be found here-



After careful consideration of the implication of each option, the sub committee came up with the current policy which was accepted by the General committee.



Firstly. It was apparent that some adjustments needed to be made in the clubs policy in order to comply with legislation.

Secondly, it was concluded that playing restrictions needed to be imposed in order to satisfy the demand for tee times during men's competitions, the peak period busy 7-10am.

England Golf advised that it was acceptable for a club to retain weekly times for competition play only.

The best way to fulfil all of the above was to impose restrictions based on eligibility to play in the competition in question, hence the new playing restriction policy. 



Details of the legislation can be found here -

Created: 04-Oct-16 11:17
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