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Preferred Lies on fairways only from Friday 31st March 2017.

‘Preferred lies’ is the term that means that you as a golf player are allowed to improve your lie without penalty on certain parts of a golf course. It’s a local rule only and is also known as ‘winter rules’. It’s only in effect if you’re informed upon arrival at the golf course.

in a preffered lies situation you always mark your ball first‘Preferred lies’ means a golfer can lift up the ball (if he or she want to) that is landed on a closely-mown area and move it to improve the ball position, but not closer to the hole.  A closely-mown area is any area of the course that is cut to fairway height or less and includes paths cut through the rough and the fringe/apron around the green. If the ball doesn’t lie on a closely-mown area, the player can’t take a preferred lie.

Why does this (local) rule exist?

Imagine a golf course is struck by a very bad drought. Its fairways are baked and there are bare patches of ground in the fairways. Than course management, a committee or the club might invoke the ‘Preferred Lies’ (local) rule so that its golfers can find a good lie in those damaged fairways.
Only than a player is entitled to prefer the lie of their ball. Simply saying “preferred lies in operation” or “winter rules apply” is inadequate. Nor can a player decide himself that the rule is in effect.

How to handle in the situation of a preferred lies?

you can use a coin or tee to mark your ball at a preferred liesThe position of the ball must be marked first. This can be done with a tee, a pitch fork or e.g. a coin. Than you can lift the ball up and clean it if desired. The ball must then be (re)placed on a spot not nearer to the hole within the area specified e.g. within six inches, a score card-length or perhaps even one club-length (which is for example common on the PGA tour). This distance is decided by the local commission. So it’s best to check it in advance, to avoid an unnecessary penalty of one stroke.
An example of a terrible mistake in such as case you can read in the Funny Golf Facts.
The ball is in play as soon as it’s placed on the ground. If the player picks it up again and moves it, he would incur a penalty stroke for ‘moving his ball in play’.
Preferred Lies and other winter rules are no official Rules of Golf; instead, they are always a local rule.


Created: 29-Mar-17 22:47

Winter Open 4BBB Results

Monday 27th March 2017 - Winter Open 4BBB

1st -  G Henderson & A Henderson             47points        £150.00

2nd - B Scott & B Schofield                           46points        £ 100.00

3rd - R Ireland & R Woodlock                        46points        £  50.00







Created: 28-Mar-17 11:31


EVENT CANCELLED AND PRO SWEEP RESTORED - As with all club comps 20% levy on comp fees balance paid out in shop vouchers.






As we approach the start of the season we are delighted to introduce to you the City Masters which will be held every Wednesday.

  • This will be played as a handicap qualifier from the white and red tees generally as a stableford competiton. When a medal is sheduled this will also count as a city masters qualifying event. Provision is made for a qualifying round for ladies who play on that day.
  • £2 entry with £1 optional twos
  • Mr Mckenna will at times put on an optional nearest the pin competition
  • Will run an eclectic competition to increase interest
  • Only the Wednesday medals will count towards the 'club order of merit'
  • As with all club comps 20% will go to club from entry fee, no % will be taken from twos.
  • 20% of the entry fee will instead of going to the club will be held as a finals pot
  • A league table will start with your scores counting each week. SImilar to fedex points system with 33 points counting as 10points and an additional 10 points awarded for every further 10 points. 
  • Handicap cuts will be as per 'congu' club handicap as per summer season rules and regs.
  • The general payout will be as follows once the 20% levy is deducted, prizes will be split as follows 1st 40% 2nd 35% 3rd 25%
  • All prizes will be paid out in shop credit
  • The top 30 (tbc) will qualify to play in the final which will be held on the last Wednesday in September at a suitable time later in the day. There will be a comp of the day running in conjunction with the final on the same day for those not involved in any final or who are unable to make the designated time slot.

We hope that this addition to the calender will add to members enjoyment and maintain interest throughout the season.

Created: 21-Mar-17 22:27

David Beardall - RIP

It is with sadness that we infom you that our Honarary member David Beardall passed away early this morning, our thoughts are with Margaret and the family at this time and we will provide further details in due course.

As many of you know David was a well known North East icon for his contribution to sport in Newcastle.


Created: 18-Mar-17 09:56

Interesting Question


By Becky Gee

Sex on the golf course? Really! In an age of equality isn’t it time players stop teeing it up based on their gender and start using the tee box which best suits their ability?

If your clubhouse is anything like the norm then it won’t be long before you hear the light-hearted grumblings of a male golfer, complaining that they’ve seen their chance for glory robbed in some competition or another by a female opponent who demands a 100-yard advantage off every tee.

The reality may be a little different, as the club’s female population will quickly attest.

Nonetheless, in an age of equality for all, doesn’t it seem a little old-fashioned to be designating tee boxes based on a golfer’s sex rather than their ability.

There’s plenty of talented female golfers who would prefer to test their game on tees akin to those they will face in a competitive environment.

Conversely labelling the forward tees female inevitably stigmatises them, warding off the club’s aging population who desperately need a few extra yards, or the budding junior who isn’t quite ready for the back tees.

The concept of assigning tees based on ability rather than gender is relatively common in the United States and is starting to gain traction back home. Sheringham Golf Club in Norfolk is among several clubs who have switched to gender-free tees in the past few years. The club has three sets of tees, all-rated for both men and women, as well as a short course, perfect for high-handicappers or junior golfers.

The idea is to encourage everyone to get out on the golf course, whether that be aspiring professionals or social golfers.

So, isn’t it time we did away with gendered tees altogether?

After all, if you pair Michelle Wie with a male 28 handicapper, you can be pretty sure who’s going to be hitting their second shot first.

Then again, isn’t there a reason the ladies’ tees are further forward? It’s not sexist to say that the average male golfer hits it further than the average female, it’s just fact.

The truth is that most ladies will continue to play from the forward tees, as the men will from the back tees, but giving players the option, rather than restricting them because of their gender, seems like a no-brainer.

Created: 14-Mar-17 15:11
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