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Today, for the second time this year, the process of sand injection was carried out on the greens. This intensive process aerates and scarifies the turf, whilst tearing in to the organic matter content, removing a large percentage of thatch. This is then back filled with kiln dried sand and seed. The machines run in a different direction from the first time so as not to remove what was injected previously.

Problems Caused by Excessive Thatch

  • Reduction in air order exchange
  • Reduced water infiltration 
  • Poor seed germination 
  • Severe dry patch 
  • Inability to cope with drought and high temperatures
  • Increased disease and insect problems
  • Soft spongy playing surfaces 
  • Shallow rooting system

Hence the need for thatch removal!

Sand injection using the Graden Contour machine impacts more surface area than other processes, disrupts ball roll less and can instantly improve the firmness of the surface whilst at the same time removing far more biomass and thatch than standard coring or tinning.

We were pleased with the results from earlier in the year and we are hoping the results will be equally as good on this occasion with the added bonus of a speedier recovery. Generally, dependant on weather, full recovery can be achieved in 7-10 days. Playing of the greens however can resume immediately after the process is complete.

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