Elsdon Charity Cup

 Presented in 1995 by the President Mrs B Elsdon. Awarded to the winner of a nominated 18 hole handicap Charity competition.

Year Winner(s)
2019 Mrs S White
2018 Mrs V Black
2017 Miss J Moore
2016 Mrs G Seward
2015 Mrs C O'Neil
2014 Mrs A Heads
2013 Miss J Jacobs
2012 Miss J Moore
2011 Mrs C Elliott
2010 Miss N J Heath
2009 Mrs C R Elliott
2008 Mrs A Carter
2007 Mrs L Wheeler
2006 Mrs P Oliver
2005 Mrs G Seward
2004 Mrs I Atkinson
2003 Miss F M Johnston
2002 Mrs J Hudspeth
2001 Mrs H Scott
2000 Mrs D Cairns
1999 Mrs L Wheeler
1998 Miss S McCollough
1997 Mrs J Cowen
1996 Mrs A Heads
1995 Mrs D Cairns
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