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Course Updates 

This week has seen a variety of scheduled tasks either completed or nearing completion.

Tining of the summer tees was carried out early in the week. This process enhances gas exchange between the roots and atmosphere which in turn helps to produce a better quality turf. Additionally to aerating the tee boxes through tining, it is planned to verti-drain them in the near future too. These deeper tines help to relieve compaction and also encourage stronger rooting. Both tinning and verti-draining of the tees will be performed again before the playing season begins. The tees were of a good standard throughout the season just gone, so we aim to improve on that this year. Bib aprons were also tined.

The area to the right of the second green was dug up on Tuesday. This area has never fully recovered since previous work was done to it. After digging down, around 25 rubber mats were removed and then the area was landscaped, taking away the existing hump. We then rotavated the entire area to break up compaction and added a layer of root-zone in preparation for turf to be laid. This area will remain g.u.r. 

Later in the week, we began work on a new ditch on the left side of the 18th fairway to clearly identify the out of bounds. At the end of Friday, approximately 80 yards still has to be dug. As we have loan of an excavator 360, primarily for use on the three tees getting relaid, we are using it help accomplish as many jobs as we can whilst we still have it. 

The three tees do remain a priority, with turf ordered and delivery expected by the end of next week. Whilst some progress has been made on the twelfth, bad weather early in the week prevented us from finishing the levelling process as we planned. As conditions have turned mild and not much rain forecast over the weekend we aim to have the twelfth ready for turf by the middle of next week. The 9th medal tee and 16th tee have been left to settle with levels rechecked and any needed adjustments made and are now ready to be turfed.

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