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News on the Fairways : Course Updates

In recent weeks, the priority has been given to the three tee boxes; levelling them in readiness for turf. Unfavourable weather at times however has slightly delayed work. 

Getting the desired level on the tee box is achieved through a pegging method known as 'datum' pegging- with pegs placed in to the ground at regular intervals all at the same height. The datum peg is the one where all other levels on the tee box are taken from. Every peg is then examined to check that it is the same level as the surrounding pegs, ensuring a perfect level. Following this, a layer of root-zone (70-30 mix of top soil and sand) is spread on the underlying clay and then compacted until it reaches the desired finished level. The compaction process is repeated several times to reduce the chance of any sinkage on the teeing surface. Then after a little settling, the pegs can be removed in preparation for the turf to be laid. 

Work on the 6th right hand side bunker was completed. As was done on the 14th bunkers, the bunker was reshaped and a revetted face was installed. All bunker maintenance work has been postponed for now until the completion of the tees.

Elsewhere on the course, a daily course inspection is performed first thing by the green staff and any update to the course conditions for that day is made: the update is made to the phone system and the website. Although efforts are made to minimise any disruption to golfers, it has been necessary at times in recent weeks to ban the use of trolleys. Conditions on course have made the course in many areas potentially unsafe.

When possible, at the dictation of weather, the summer greens/ winter greens are cut as are the summer tees/ winter tees. General work on the course continues too, with holes changed weekly, bunkers raked when needed, tee markers moved and winter tee mats cleaned to remove any debris. Additionally, in the past week the burn received some much needed attention; clearing all leaves and any rubbish that had gathered in it and then flushing it clean. 

Looking forward to the next few weeks and month, we anticipate the laying of turf on the tees as a priority in order for it to bed in properly in readiness for the seasons beginning.

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