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Course Updates

Tees: 9th, 16th & 12th

In the last few weeks all of the tees, having been levelled and left to settle, have been turfed. The turf selected is a hard wearing rye grass, with good recovery and repair properties. The turf used on the tee banks was chosen for its high wear and disease tolerance and also for its appearance and recovery qualities. The turf was then left to knit in (become firmly rooted to the soil) and as the playing season nears, will be continually assessed as to its progress. Please note to date that a small section of the tee bank on the 16th remains to be turfed. A first cut of the tees was carried out in the past few days using a hand machine.


Some of the bunkers notorious for flooding have had some work done to reinstate the original drainage. (Left of 2nd, 9th green, right of 12th were the ones put forward by the greens committee. Also the right side of the 6th green.) Where possible, existing drains were exposed and inspected as to the effectiveness of them. New perforated twin wall pipe was installed and surrounded by an aggregate conducive to drainage. A membrane was then added to separate the aggregate from the sand. In the case of the 2nd bunker, supplementary drainage was added leading away from the bunker in to the rough where a sump was installed. 

6th Bunker

It was agreed to redesign the right side bunker on the 6th. The mound directly in front of the existing bunker was removed and a new shape was excavated closer to the green, creating a hazard that not only protects the entire green but that also looks natural in its position. In order to improve the presentation of the bunker wall, a revetting turf was used. This turf comes in slabs with a thickness of 35mm and is harvested specifically for use in bunkers. New drainage was also added to the existing drain. To date, the turfing of the surrounding area is still outstanding. Despite this area being GUR, because of the size of it and the fact it is currently a wet area, it was decided to form a new winter green, 30 yards short of the summer one. 

Greens/ Tees

As part of the general maintenance programme, the greens and tees have all been verti-drained and tined twice since the turn of the year. An application of a granular product was used on selected dry areas of greens to aid with water retention and also help reduce compaction of the area. Additionally a fungicide was sprayed, which acts as a curative and a preventative against major turf diseases. 

Woodland Maintenance 

When time has permitted, pruning work on the trees has continued, carrying on from where we finished last winter; 16th and 17th holes. Priority is given to trees or limbs that obstruct the vision of play, overhang or interfere with grass cutting or are damaged/ dead. 


In the past week, all of the paths on the course have been strimmed, edged and weeded. We have also started to top up the paths with a red granite aggregate. This has been levelled and will be mechanically compacted next week. A total weed killer will be applied to the paths in the near future to prevent any unwanted growth.


Looking forward to the next few weeks, much of the focus will be on preparing the course for the beginning of the playing season. Turfing all remaining areas will be the priority, followed by completing the bunkers.


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