Changes to COVID Restrictions

General Club Noticeboard : Changes to COVID Restrictions

 Changes to Covid Restrictions

England Golf have announced that all changes to Covid rules end tonight: All restrictions on touch points are removed. All adjustments to the Rules of Golf to cover the COVID pandemic are rescinded.“ (

As a result, from Monday 19th July the following changes will apply:

  • Preferred lies are no longer available in bunkers.
  • Rakes will be available in all bunkers and bunkers must be smoothed out after use.
  • Flags may optionally be removed when putting.
  • Players should now sign into competitions and return scores using the score terminals in the Pro Shop or trolley shed, as we did before Covid.
  • The label printer attached to the terminal will print off a label at sign-in with Name, Course Handicap and Playing Handicap to stick on your scorecard.
  • Completed competition scorecards must be signed by player and marker, and include Name, Course Handicap, Playing Handicap and completed scores.
  • Completed scorecards must be returned in the card boxes in the Trolley shed immediately after completion of a competition round.
  • Players can still sign in and return scores using the HowDidIDo app, but the properly completed scorecard must still be returned in the card box.  We would prefer all competitors to sign in using the terminals and stick the printed label on your card to ensure you have the correct name and WHS handicap information on your card to reduce the risk of disqualification..
  • These changes also apply to return of Casual Rounds (General play), although players can optionally choose to use the England Golf app to sign in and return Casual round scores.

Members are still asked to regularly sanitise their hands, particularly when using terminals.

We consider that these measures include options to safeguard members with concerns over the removal of restrictions by England Golf:

  • Players are encouraged to sanitise their hands before and after using course equipment and terminals.
  • Players can still leave the flag in the hole when putting.
  • Players can use their own personal portable rakes in bunkers, which can be purchased from the Pro Shop for £7 if they have concerns using rakes used by other players.
  • Players can still use the HowDidIDo app to enter and return scores in competitions.  Players using the app must must clearly include their Name, Course Handicap, Playing Handicap and tee time on the card. The terminals automatically print off labels which include this information.

If you have any questions please email the competitions team at

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