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This Week On The Course

Monday 9th October

Following the cutting of the greens, a granular fertiliser was appplied to them in order to help stimulate growth and aid with recovery after the sand injection process last week. Tees were cut, as was some long rough. Leaf collection was carried out on selected areas of the course also. Elsewhere, tees were moved on to the winter tee boxes or winter mats where appropriate, leaving the summer boxes to recover over winter. Some ropes and mats were also put out to help protect areas that get particularly worn over the winter period.

Tuesday 10th October

Dew was removed from greens, and standing water was removed from them after heavy rainfall during the night. Leaves were blown from putting surfaces also, after which pins were moved to new positions. Green surrounds and fairway surrounds were cut and cutting of the semi-rough continued. As part of the winter maintenance programme- tinning of the summer tees began in order to assist with their recover whilst the weather is still favourable. 

Wednesday 11th October

Greens and winter greens were cut first thing in the morning, with semi-rough being cut throughout the day. Tinnning of the summer tees also continued. The long rough left to grow on the mound behind the 13th left bunkers was also cut down, with longer bunker collars strimmed to a slightly lower height.

Thursday 12th October

Todays principal task was the top dressing of the summer tees, which was then brushed in. Maintenace on the tee boxes will continue throughout the winter months in order for them to be ready for the seasons beginning. Elsewhere on the course; posts, ropes and mats were put out throughout the course to aid with traffic management before the weather turns for the worse. Also, as the leaves are falling in abundance, leaf collection takes places whenever possible with bad areas prioritised. 

Friday 13th October

Greens, tees, fairways and surrounds were all cut. With the blustery weather dying down, efforts were made to collect or blow leaves from areas in play- with emphasis placed on greens, tees and landing areas. In readiness for the weekend, holes were also changed, with pins and flags being changed with the older ones for use over the winter.

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This Week On The Course

Monday 2nd October

With a heavy schedule of works planned this week, today primarily became a cutting day with greens, aprons, tees, fairways, surrounds and semi-rough all being cut. Due to the strong winds, efforts were made to keep greens and teeing areas clear from leaves and other debris, however this was impractical in places. Branches from trees around the course did break off in the wind, with a substantial section of tree falling on to the second green, resulting in the hole being closed. 


Tuesday 3rd October

Greens were cut as normal and holes were changed. Tee boxes were divoted, and the tee markers moved with the white competition markers being taken in for winter. Semi-rough continued to be cut, as did fairway and green surrounds. As the strong winds lessened, fallen branches could be cut up and removed from playing areas, with the clearance of the second green requiring the most effort. 


Wednesday 4th October

Today was the first day of the sand graden injection work, the third time this season. Prior to this, the nine greens being worked on today were tinned. The graden machine removed thatch and injection a sand and seed mix, whilst simultaneously the green was cleared of all spoil. Following this the green was cleared with blowers, matted in using a drag mat and then reinstated in to play. Elsewhere on the course, tees were cut.

Thursday 5th October

The second half of the greens were to be sand injected today, in addition to the putting green and practise green. With much appreciation to the diligent volunteers over the two days; one crew were able to assist with the sand graden process, whilst a second could clear the greens and bring them back in to play.

Friday 6th October

After a hectic two days, today say the last few greens cleared and reinstated back to play. The course also saw some much needed cutting with everything being cut were practical. Additionally, bunkers were raked and also winter holes were put in and winter greens cut out.  

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This Week On The Course

Monday 11th September

After the greens were cut, a liquid iron was applied to them; this not only acts as a green-up but also helps to harden the turf and also makes it less suseptible to disease. Holes were then changed. Tees, fairways, aprons were all cut and and the cutting of the semi-rough began also. Tee boxes were repaired and markers moved to new areas. Fairway divoting continued.

Tuesday 12th September

Bunkers were all raked first thing with sand being pushed away from the face and lip and dispersed in to the middle of the bunker. As the forecast predicted heavy rain from early evening in to Wednesday morning, it was decided to fully utilise the favourable weather conditions in order to achieve dry cuts on the tees, fairways, surrounds and semi-rough.

Wednesday 13th September

An inspection of the course was made early on which saw the course closed. As rain ceased and water logging began to dissipate, cutting of the greens began at 9am and the course was fully opened at 10am. The holes were all changed to dry areas of the putting surface, and bunkers were either raked or blue flagged where appropriate.

Thursday 14th September

Greens were cut first thing and holes were nipped up afterwards in readiness for past captains day. Bunkers were raked, with as many as possible being reinstated to general play where practical. Several bunkers remain blue flagged however. Once the course dried out slightly, tees, aprons, fairways, surrounds and semi-rough were all cut.

Friday 15th September

Greens, aprons, tees and fairways were all cut first thing. Holes were changed for the ladies competition and tee boxes divoted and tee markers moved in readiness for competition play. Bunkers received much attention throughout the day in order to bring as many back in play as possible. Also selected bunkers were pumped clear of water.

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This Week On The Course

Tuesday 29th August

After an extended weekend break, today's priority was cutting; with greens, aprons, tees, green surrounds, fairway surrounds and semi-rough all being cut. Holes were changed first thing and tee boxes were repaired and moved.

Wednesday 30th August

In preparation for the Medal competition, greens were double cut and then ironed. Semi-rough continued to be cut as did some of the longer fairways and tees. The majority of bunkers were all flymo'd around the edge. As time became available, some of the fairways were divoted.

Thursday 31st August

After the greens were cut, a 'green up' spray containing a seaweed mix was applied; this among other benefits, acts a soil conditioner, encourages strong rooting and aids survival from stress caused by heavy usage.

Holes were changed, the rest of the bunkers were flymo'd and raked, and green and fairway surrounds were cut also.

Friday 1st September

The greens were cut first thing and then ironed afterwards. Green aprons, tees and fairways were all cut with longer areas of rough being cut for a second time in the week. Tees were repaired and markers set up for the weekends competition. Bunkers were also raked.

Bunker Work

Beginning on Tuesday, all of the bunkers will receive some much needed attention, primarily being topped up with sand to help with bunker play. The process involves removing all sand from the face and front edge of the bunker and dispersing it in to the middle of the bunker and then adding new sand till it reaches a satisfactory depth and then raking level. Time has been taken to observe how the ball rolls and lands in to each bunker to ensure that it will find the playing surface of the bunker and not simply stay on the face or close to the edge. Hopefully all greenside bunkers will be complete by Friday of this week. 

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This Week On The Course

Monday 21 August

Greens were cut first thing this morning as normal and thereafter holes were changed. Tees, aprons and fairways were all cut, and the cutting of the semi-rough began. Tee boxes were repaired and markers moved.

Tuesday 22nd August

To achieve a better cut of the greens this morning, they were first brushed thus encouraging the grass sward to stand vertically prior to being double  cut. Holes were then nipped up or changed where appropriate. All of the bunkers were raked with the majority of weeds removed by hand. Semi-rough cutting continued throughout  day. All of the green surrounds and fairway surrounds were cut also. Strimming of the paths bagan later in the day.

Wednesday 23rd August

Greens were cut and then holes were changed in preparation for the Pro Sweep. Fairways, tees, aprons and semi-rough being cut also. As the day went on, tee banks were flymo'd, strimmed and then blowed. The remainder of the paths were strimmed, weeded and blowed.

Thursday 24th August

The greens were double sarrel rolled, cut, and then a light dressing was applied which was brushed in. Bunkers were all raked as well. The cutting of the semi-rough was completed and the green surrounds and fairway surrounds were cut also.

Friday 25th August

Greens were all double cut followed by the holes being nipped up. Aprons, tees and fairways were all cut. Tee boxes were divoted and tee markers were moved in readiness for Saturdays competition. With an extended weekend, longer areas of semi-rough were once again cut to maintain the height at 2.5 inches. Dry areas around selected greens were also watered in by hand using a a wetting agent to help aid with absorbtion.

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