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Fedex Winter Competition

The Fedex Winter Competition will commence on Monday 9th October:

  • Weekly comp will run from Monday-Sunday each week up to Sunday 25th March 2018.
  • Prize split each week.... 20% to club (donated back to finals pot), Of the balance 40% will go to the weekly winner, with 15% to each of the 4 category winners. Please note that the amount/range of categorys may be changed at the discretion of competition committee depending on entrants in each category. The maximum amount for 1st prize will be £50 with the balance spread between category winners up to a maximum of £25 each. Any excess wil go into the finals pot.
  • Players may enter by paying £1 in the pro shop before their round, there is no restriction on the amount of times a player may enter each week. The best score each week will count towards league and handicap tables.
  • Your 'best' card must be entered into the computer before close of play each Sunday, it is the responsibility of each player to enter their scorecard into the computer and box. Any cards not entered into computer will not be valid in this winter competition.
  • Handicaps - the computer will adjust your winter handicap up or down for all winter comps with the exception of the Olivers Trophy. Exceptional cuts will be implemented at the discretion of the handicap committee.
  • League Table - Points will be awarded based on stableford score each week.... 32 stableford points = 30 league points, 33 = 40pts, 34 = 50pts, 35 = 60pts, 36 = 70pts, 37 = 100pts, 38= 110pts, increases by 10pts for each stableford point over that.
  • Finals day will be on Saturday 31st March 2018 one day only, midweek members will be permitted to play on finals day. Final will start at 10am.
  • League Prizes - 1st £150, 2nd £100, 3rd £50, 4th £25.
  • The final 80 will qualify to play in the Final which will be on Saturday 31st March 2018.  With rewards for league finish - Top 20 = 3shots, 21st - 40th  = 2shots, 41st-60th 1 shot , 61st-80th zero shots.
  • Finals Day - The balance of the prize pot collated will be paid out on finals day, details TBC depending on accumulated funds.
  • New winter card will come into play on Monday 9th October with a par 69 course.
Created: 06-Nov-17 00:11

Weekend Visitor Policy

Further to concerns raised over weekend visitors the committee have reviewed the strategy. The necessity for revenue must be balanced as we strive to continue to improve the golf course as we have this year.

  • No Visitors in any capacity including members guests on 'Gents Competition Day'
  • No Visiting Parties on the day after Club Championship.
  • No Visiting Parties on the day after Invitation Day
  • No Visitng Parties on the day before the County Match v Lothinans
  • No Open events arranged for any weekends.
  • On non competiton weekend days visiting parties will be restricted to a maxiumum of 20 with the expectation to be generally lower. Bookings made after 1pm may be larger if viewed as prudent by the management.
  • Bookings will be where possible spread around the various time slots so as not to penalise any one group of members.
  • Members will be given at least two weeks notice of any bookings in order that they may plan their golf in advance.
  • Prices for casual golfers have been set, unused tee times will be available to visitors approx 2-3 days before. This will allow members plenty opportunity to book tee times as a priority.
Created: 03-Nov-17 18:51

Question & Answers

Q - Can I clarify..... can I use my mat from anywhere on the course except hazards and greens?

A -Yes


Q-  Can you confirm what was meant by the text:“ You must stay to either side of the fairway that the ball landed, you may not return to either side of the fairway from which your ball was initially played from.”

A- Quite simply: If you tee off on the 1st, and your ball ends up on the 18th fairway. You cannot pick the ball from the 18th fairway, walk through the trees, and drop either side of the 1st fairway.  You pick from the 18th fairway and drop either side of the 18th fairway. In previous years people were crossing fairways with their shot, and taking literally that there is no limit how far left or right they could drop the ball in the rough, and returning to the 1st fairway from the 18th. Also various other places on the course.  This was rule last year too.

Created: 02-Nov-17 10:47

European Club Championship

Final Day:

It was an exciting day as the team pushed the leaders hard on the front 9 to give a sniff of a chance. In the end a fantastic performance over the week was rewarded with a 3rd place overall. 

Credit to the lads Mark Wharton, Alex Dixon and Phil Ridden for a superb effort. Well done to Captain John and the roving reporter who kept us on the edge of our seats on the Twitter feed...... New Vice Captain Smon Coultas. 




The lads are doing really well as they represent England in France..... after two days we are sitting in 2nd postion with one round to go. 

Day 1 - Counting Scores; P Ridden +1 and A Dixon +1

Day 2 - Counting Scores; A Dixon -3 and M Wharton -1

The French team seem unstoppable in 1st but who knows what will happen on this the last day of competition. Alex Dixon sits in 2nd overall in the individual event one behind the leader.

Good Luck Lads


Follow all the latest

NB: Due to mist the final round is delayed by an hour so our 3 tee times are 12.30, 12.50 and 13.00 GMT.

Created: 28-Oct-17 09:05

Winter Competitions

Olivers Trophy

This will be played on the 1st Sunday of each month with the winners progressing to Spring Final. This will be played off summer handicaps with no handicap adjustments. 4BBB Bogey format.

Winter Competitions

Each weekend there will be a team competition one day aswell as a Fedex Singles on other day. There will be one handicap which will cover all winter competitions.

Created: 03-Oct-17 17:22
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