Ladies Committee minutes 20th March 2017

Lady Captain's News : Ladies Committee minutes 20th March 2017

As part of our quest to keep ladies up to date with events it has been agreed to post the minutes to the ladies committee meeting in this section of the website.  I now attach the minutes from the meeting on 20th March 2017


Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on Monday 20th MARCH 2017.


Pam Oliver, Captain; Barbara Parker, President;  Norma Rogers, Secretary;  Fiona Johnston, Treasurer;  Margaret Hilley, Competition Secretary.

 Committee Members;  Angie Heads, Anne Carter, Chrissie Elliott, Lesley Wheeler, Louise Lewis.







Action: Committee Member

& date for completion

Apologies   for absence. Val Mackillop. Natalie Heath.




Adoption of   minutes of meeting held on 20th February 2017.  

Agreed as a   true record and signed by Pam Oliver.




Matters   arising from previous meeting.

Dorothy   Spencer Trophy runs with CMF Stableford (not necessarily with CMF in the   future) Winner £15 & runner up £10 same as other trophies. Johnston 9   hole Trophy 4 rounds Stableford (run at the same time as Bowles  Trophy) Winner is the person with the most   points over 4 rounds (it is not necessary to enter each round)  Winner £10 & runner up £5.     

Problems re   access to Yahoo to be checked out.








Captains Report. Attached.      

Re: The New Clubhouse. There   will be an Open Evening on the 20.4.2017 between 7.00pm.   and 9.00pm.   (A club email to follow with this information).




Secretary’s   Report. 

Several letters   have been received from members.  There   was a full discussion by the committee.

1)        re;   Elliott Greensomes stating that there should be 4 week interval  between rounds. The committee agreed with   this suggestion.  Dates are to be   amended & all players involved will be informed. Dates are to be 22/04   until 4/06;   5/06 until 9/07; 10/07   until 13/08 & 14/08 until 9/09. (orange book to be updated)    A letter will be sent to the member to confirm   this.

2)        Letters   also received from two ladies. They have both requested that these letters   are to be forwarded to the Main Committee.     

3)        A   further letter was received from another member requesting a look at the   Committee Minutes from September 2016 up to date. This request will be adhered   to.     

4)        Another   member also sent a copy of a letter which she had forwarded to the Mr Jim   Screen the General Committee Chairman.

5)         It has also been decided that in future the   Minutes of this meeting will be put on the Website & posted in the Locker   Room.




Competition   Secretary’s Report.   

Use   existing Birdie Book in the interim.   Angie to do Birdie Tree at a later date.  

21/04 Draw   for Elliott & Calcutta, (Louise & Margaret to do draw)      Margaret is prepared to put new   competitions on computer if required to do so by Club manager.

Clarification   to be received that Eclectic Prizes have been given for bronze category (Chocolates).




Handicap Secretary’s   Report.   

Form sent   away for EG Medal.   

Sheet to be   put up on Board re need to return Non Qualifying scores from away clubs.



Treasurers   Report Attached.   

Bar Cards   to be used for entry fees for Competitions.    Monies will be collected from the club manager, monthly.  Sweep money to be left in pro-shop.  Notice for County Cards has been put into   the locker room.  Cost £10




Greens   Report. 

 See attached guidance which has been   produced by the General committee/greens sub-committee re the conditions   which will render the course unplayable for competition play.




Mixed Open  1/ 05/2017   

Raffle & Donations   Required.


PAM & ANNE. 9:00 a m -   10.30am       

NORMA & BARBARA   10.30a.m-1.00pm.




Get Into   Golf.    Advertising material from   competitors has been received.  Louise   to see how we can mirror this to compete with it.

  •   Captains   Drive in.  2 new ladies took part.
  •   Special   “little” competitions will be organized as well as Mulligan (Sunday, Monday   & Tuesday) & Winter Competitions.   
  •   Mentors   required.    A notice will be put up in   locker room.
  •   A new   members meeting will be held on Thursday 4.05.2017 at 7.30pm.




Any Other   Business.    

9 hole   Evening League. List has been put into locker room for members wanting to   play.  Barbara has full details.


The Captain   will run an alternative day for her Captain’s day this year.  It will be in line with England Golf’s   recommendation that alternative days should be run for trophies.  It will be the weekend before her Captain’s   day to enable the competition to be closed down on Captain’s day.





DATE OF   NEXT MEETING;    18TH APRIL   2007    @ 7.00pm.



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